Harry Maguire thanks Gareth Southgate

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Harry Maguire hopes to team manager Gareth Southgate to extend the contract for additional work. After this manager led the team to continue until Euro 2020 this time. Harry Maguire has back a new deal for Gareth Southgate after praising the England manager’s support both on and off the pitch in the past year.

Harry Maguire defender “roaring lion” in English. Hopefully manager Gareth Southgate to extend the contract to work more. After this consultant led the team to continue to do excellent work. From the 2018 World Cup to Euro 2020

In the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Southgate led England to a fourth-place finish, while the “England” of the Euros have reach the semi-finals. He is currently contract until the 2022 World Cup. But the English Football Association (FA) has hint that he will offer a new contract.

The Manchester United skipper score the second goal in England’s 4-0 Euro 2020 quarter-final win over Ukraine in Rome on Saturday night.

Maguire said of this: “I’m sure everyone is enjoying being at the national team camp. His management approach entertained everyone. We appreciate the work that he is doing. I cannot appreciate Gareth and the staff enough for the work he has done over the past four years.”