Coco Goff, sick with COVID-19, reluctantly withdraws from the Tokyo Olympics

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Coco Goff, United States tennis player Disappoint with Covid-19. Causing him to withdraw from the 2020 Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo.

Coco Goff, a 17-year-old tennis star, 25th in the world of the United States Army. Announce he withdrew from tennis at the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. Which is about to start from July 23 to August 8, due to the fact. That he test positive for COVID-19.

By Coco Goff posted a Twitter profile says “I was very disappoint to be told the news. That I have examine cattle wid -19 positive. And unable to compete Sports Olympics Tokyo”.

“It’s always been my dream to represent the United States at the Olympics. And I hope there will be many more opportunities for me to make. This is a reality in the future,” said the 17-year-old tennis star.

while the United States Tennis Association Release a statement to Goff. That “the US Olympic tennis team Totally sorry for Coco. We wish her all the best as she copes with this dire situation. and hope to see you back soon.”