Ancelotti insists Vinicius will play on the left side

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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed Vinicius Junior will continue to stand in the attacking position on the left side of the team despite the signing of Kylian Mba. Pepe joins the team

         “White King” is seen to be the star of the French national team to join the team this summer. After the players refuse to renew a new contract. With the team that is about to expire in June next year. Which the media fanfare that Mbappe wants to play in the Santiago Bernabeu

         And if the team has Mbappe joining the real team, there are concerns about the position of Vinicius Junior that may have to make way for the famous footballer because the signing of the team would not come for Definitely a backup

         Ancelotti made this clear in an interview with Mundo Deportivo when asked about Vinicius’ position if Mbappe joins.

         “Wini is a player who has to be on the left. And he will play there no matter. Who his team-mates are,” Vinicius said.

         This year, Vinicius has been outstanding, scoring eight goals and three assists in 14 La Liga games and scoring two goals and five assists in five UEFA Champions League games. League