When 101 teams from 123 professional sports teams in the United States use marijuana

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Marijuana, this matter is greater than a thousand ships. This medicinal plant has also been associate with sports money and has been link to the American ufabet Games lifestyle. But is it such a big deal that Kevin Durant has to come out and speak?

Pros and cons of marijuana

Marijuana (Cannabis), it is a drug acting on the nervous system. There are two important compounds, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol).

both of these substances Although they are similar, they act on the nervous system differently. THC is a relaxing and stimulating substance. 

But on the other hand, CBD does not have a stimulant effect on the nervous system. It only makes you feel relaxed. For this reason, besides being use for relaxation. Marijuana is also an addictive drug. That has begun to be accept in the medical community. To be used to treat or relieve pain for patients. 

However, the proportions of the two compounds found in cannabis are not the same, with THC being 12% and CBD being only 0.30%. CBD needs to be extracted and process first, otherwise the user will get too much THC. This could negatively affect the functioning of the nervous system and its physical performance. 

Marijuana and the US sports industry

 Of course, cannabis use continues to be a subject of debate. even in the United States The government will legalize marijuana in some states, such as California, Oregon, Washington D.C. or New York, but in others such as Kansas, Tennessee or South. Carolina Marijuana is still an illegal drug. It cannot be use for relaxation or medical use either.

The contradiction of this is Most athletes in sports leagues In the United States. All cannabis is use. According to an overall survey of US sports leagues between the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB combined, there are 101 out of 123 sports teams in states where marijuana is legal. That accounted for 82.1%, and many leagues are starting to be less strict about it. 

The use of cannabis in basketball To see more openness in the 2019-20 season ago, due to the spread of the virus Cody David , 19. 

Money making business 

One of the most interesting and surprising links between sports and the cannabis business is Some former professional athletes in the United States league. Has turned himself out to do a lot of cannabis-related businesses.

such matter It wouldn’t surprise us any more. Let’s trace the origins of their interest in cannabis. Everything seemed to make sense immediately. If we get to know that he uses marijuana to reduce the stress of competition. or relieve pain from playing Because these people have actually experienced it. 

According to a 2020 survey, it is now legal to buy high-quality cannabis in states. It has an average price of $326 (about 10,390 baht) per 1 ounce (about 30 grams), and the mid-range is $266 (about 8475 baht). Average $7.59 per cigarette (241 baht) for high quality cannabis and medium quality cannabis The average price per roll is 6.18 USD (196 baht). 

Even though marijuana is addictive But few people know that this drug. In some US states it is already legal. which will bring a huge amount of money This can be noted from the relatively high average value of trade in the United States and the rising popularity of marijuana among Americans. A survey the same year showed that 22.2 million Americans are marijuana users. and is likely to increase in the future If all states legalized marijuana as a legal drug