Pep hopes to knock out Real Madrid

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is set to become the first manager to beat Real Madrid three times in the Champions League knockout stages.

         The 51-year-old boss prepares to face “White King” is the 20th game ufabet of his career in the first European Cup playoffs on Tuesday night. Most of the previous encounters happened during the time in charge of Barcelona in Spain.

         In the Champions League, Pep has defeated Real Madrid twice in the knockout stages. The first of which came in 2010/11 in the semi-final defeat by 3-1 on aggregate. The last time it took place in charge of “Sailboat”. Winning 4-2 on aggregate in the last 16 of the 2019/20 season.

         If City win through to the final. Pep will become the first manager to knock Real Madrid out of the Champions League on three occasions.

         Pep and Carlo Ancelotti met only once in Europe back in 2013/14, when Ancelotti’s Real Madrid beat Bayern Munich. Pep’s C went on aggregate 5-0 before clinching the title with a win over Atletico Madrid.

It is their first semi-final in the Champions League since their defeat to Arsenal in 2006 and Emery, along with his players have helped deliver another brilliant season on the European stage for the supporters. Many will be expecting their bubble to burst against Liverpool, but after knocking out Bayern last time out, you cannot underestimate the team spirit in the Villarreal squad who know how to exploit the big boys with devastating counter-attacks.