“Messi”, the famous footballer during his family vacation in the US

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Lionel Messi, striker, captain of the Argentine national team Spent the league break break, taking his wife Antonella Raccouszo and three children (Tiago, Mateo and Ciro) to Miami for a summer vacation.

The 34-year-old shooter has fought hard all season, with Barcelona, ​​the agency in the Spanish La Liga battle, and the home team in the Copa America 2021 tournament, in which the “Blue Army” finally won the championship ufabet.

However, his travels to rest did not seem to go smoothly. When one of the United States football fans saw him sitting and drinking coffee in a coffee shop. Before the picture was post on social media before spreading the news widely

Make the privacy of Messi and his family disappear immediately. Because during dinner at the Italian restaurant Cafe Ragazzi last Thursday. Fans flocked to the storefront to meet their heroes in person. This event prompted the security guards to urgently remove the shin from the premises,

causing the blue and white striker. can only live in A luxury apartment that he has spent money to buy. in Miami, Florida, which is highly private. And has full facilities, including a gym, fitness, swimming pool and most importantly, has a private beach.

Antonella Rocuzzo, her girlfriend, has also posted pictures of her family vacation. Playing in the water with the children and Lionel Messi’s body was a happy bath. into the social world

for the future of Argentina national team player Is being watched after the status is now an unaffiliated player. However, it has been reported that he is ready to cut his wages by 50 per cent in order to sign a new contract with Spanish giants Barcelona.