“Makahchev” locks “Moises” to surrender in the 4th round of UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Islam Makahchev, Russian Submission Still showing strong form especially the lock Most recently. The dictatorship defeat Submission Thiago Moises from Brazil in the 4th round of the UFC FIGHT NIGHT : Makahchev VS Moises at APEX ARENA Las Vegas, USA on Sunday. On the 18th of July

The main event of the show is a lightweight fight between the one-time loser Islam Makhchev faces Thiago Moises in the first round of the fight. Enter and try to find a take-down rhythm to submit to opponents in style. While Moises tries to spin off the outer circle to destroy Makahchev’s rhythm.

The fight continue into the fourth round as Moises slow down before being hit by a takedown. And slam by Makahchev. Before turning to the method of attack. And hit the beat, put Rare Nacket Choke until Moises had to finally give up By winning. The fight increased the record for the White Bear fighter to 20 wins. 1 loss as well, in which Moises was the fifth defeat and also the fighter’s first non-round loss. The UFC

vice-major is a women’s bantamweight bout between American Marian Reno and compatriot Miia Cha Tate. By this pair of fights pretending to end in a full round But in the last round. While the two were in a circle. Myacha Tate was the one who got the chance to take the down. Before controlling it, Marian Reno was the one who chase and punch him. Until the referee order the end of the fight before raising his hand for Miia Cha Tate to win TKO Marian Reno and also put a record of losing 5 fights to Reno as well.

Official results of UFC FIGHT NIGHT : Makhachev VS Moises
, main match in the main event
– Lightweight
Islam Makhachev defeats Thiago Moises , round 4,

vice-major match – Women’s bantamweight
bout Miacha Tate defeated TKO Marian Reno, round 3

Lightweight bout, Mateusz
Gamrot, defeated Jeremy Stephens, round 1,

submission Middleweight
Rodolfo Vieira defeats Dustin Stoltzfuss third-round

featherweight submission.
Billy Guarantillo defeats Gabriel by TKO. Benitez, round 3,

pairs for the show

Model Welltor West
, Daniel Rodriguez Zapatero won by TKO Preston Parsons raised the first

version of Straw’s the woman
later Linda Leighton Moss wins TKO Montserrat’s Terra’s model. Ys, round 1,

bantamweight version
Sergey Morozov defeated Khalid Taha

Flyweight bout
Malcolm Gordon defeated Francisco Figueredo

Rodrigo Nassimmen To Ferreira

defeats TKO Alan Baudot in round 2, the UFC’s next event will be UFC FIGHT NIGHT: Sandhagen VS Dillashaw. The main event is a bantamweight fight between Cory Sae. American fighter Ndhagen takes on compatriot TJ Dillashaw at the APEX ARENA in Las Vegas, USA on Sunday, July 25.