Italy beat England on penalties 3-2

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Italy vs England 1-1 (3-2 penalties) | England missed the chance to win the Euros at home after Luke Shaw fired in the lead in the second minute before Leonardo Bonuch Chi will equalize for Italy in the 67th minute and have to hold on to the final penalty shootout as general “Azzurri” won 3-2 to win the Euro for a second time, while England still have to wait for the first European Championship.

Euro 2020 football final At Wembley Stadium, London, England on Sunday night, July 11, “Azzurri” Italy national team duel with  England national team.

GOAL!! Starting the game, only 1 minute 57 seconds, the good city fans were almost broken at Wembley Stadium when Kieran Trippier will open the ball from the right side to the second post. Luke Chou W   Fill it up and press it with the full left. The ball crash into the first post into a 1-0 goal. And was the first goal Shaw scored on behalf of the England national team. 

The goal, meanwhile, was the fastest goal in the history of the European Championship final. This honors Luke Shaw’s lineage and can be told to his children in the future.

In the 8th minute, Italy got some chances when Lorenzo Insigne spun a free-kick almost 25 yards away, but the ball flew over the bar.

After that, Italy set the game. And is the side who dominate the ball for more than 28 minutes, Insigne has tried to look far from outside the penalty area. Which in addition to shooting distance The direction of the ball is still far out of the box.

35 minutes

35 minutes Federico Chiesa drags the ball past the English players. Before hitting with the left from outside the penalty area, the ball flew past the post a little. The kind that frightens English football fans.

First half injury time the Azzurri had a chance to win again from Marco Verratti’s back-to-back shot in the penalty area, but the ball went straight to Jordan Pickford, the England goalkeeper. Ending the first half, “Roaring Lions” led 1-0.

Back on the field in the second half Italy had a chance to win first in the 50th minute when Lorenzo Insigne spun the free-kick with the right. But it was again that Insigne shot out of the box.

56 minutes

56 minutes had read some English fans when Luke Shaw open a free kick on the left wing into the penalty area by Harry Maguire has yet to strike over the bar.

In the 62nd minute, Italy almost equalized Federico Chiesa, dragging the ball away from the English defensive line. Before getting the right trigger in the penalty area. But not through the hands of Jordan Pickford, who showed a super save. Flick the ball out of danger.

64 minutes

64 minutes England reacted promptly. Kieran Trippier opened the corner for John Stones to strike, but Gianluigi Donnarum came to the front of the Azzurri. Flick the ball over the bar.

GOAL!! The game arrived in the 67th minute, Italy successfully equalized. Starting with a corner kick, Brian Cristante’s header at the first post, the ball arrives, Marco Verratti has a full header at the second post, Jordan Pickford saves it in the first stroke, but There is also  Leonardo Bonucci, following repeatedly, without burning the remains. The score returned to draw 1-1.

Meanwhile, Bonucci set the record as the oldest player at 34 years 71 days to score a goal in the Euro final. Which Bonucci can brag to his grandchildren in the future like Luke. Shaw for sure

In the 73rd minute, England fans fell into a dizzying eye when Bonucci scooped the ball across the England defense into the penalty area. And the ball arrived and Domenico Berardy speeded to flick at Pickford. Try to come out and close the corner quickly. But the ball flew over the crossbar.

The two teams then proceeded to play cautiously before 90 minutes had passed and the 1-1 draw continued with another 30 minutes of extra-time. 

97 minutes

Extra time 97 minutes England opened a corner kick into the penalty area. The Italian defender headed the ball out of Calvin Phillips, resting one stroke and lapping to the right. but the ball doesn’t match the box

107 minutes

107 minutes Italy got a free kick, Federico Bernardeschi spun with the left, Pickford received the ball, but still rushed to catch the ball in time before being hit again.

rest period The game image is very close. but no additional doors The end of the game is still tied 1-1, having to decide with a penalty shootout, the result shows that Italy shot more accurately. With a 3-2 win on penalties, the Azzurri won a second Euro title after the first in 1968, while England are still looking forward to their first Euros title.