Bjorn Kuipers, richest football referee

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The Daily Mail reports that referee Bjorn Kuipers from the Netherlands will play in Sunday’s Euro 2020 final . He is the richest football referee in the world.

The media stated that The Dutchman had a personal fortune worth around £11.5 million in 2016. When he co-founded a supermarket chain call Jumbo in the country of windmills. After having a bachelor’s degree in business administration Since his youth from Rudboud University In Nijmegen.

48-year-old Bjorn Kuipers started his football career in 2002. And went on to be UEFA’s top referee since 2009, having been featured at the World Cup finals. Then 2 times and the final of the Euro 3 times. Which the inspiration in this career of the person is your father. Use to be a judge ufabet Football at the semi-professional level

for the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy. This will be one of the greatest games in Kuipers’ life. After deciding the final of club games in the UEFA Champions League (2017) and UEFA Europa League (2013, 2018).

In this Euro Kuipers have been in charge for three matches, two in the group stage and one in the quarter-finals. Kuipers will join compatriots Sander van Roquel and Erwin Senstra as the lineman, with Spaniard Carlos del Cerro as the referee.